Help us to build upon our inaugural Giving Day success.

Stuartholme has a long history of helping students enjoy a Sacred Heart education. The Stuartholme School Scholarship Fund was established with the sole purpose of providing financial support for scholarships and bursaries. For years parents, alumnae, students, staff, friends of the school, Foundation members, and the School Board have supported the school in building our dearly loved community. 

"For the sake of one child, I would have founded the Society" Foundress, Sophie Madeline Barat. 

On Friday the s21st of April, we will honour our foundress' wish and continue her legacy with our Giving Day. The Giving Day will provide future students with scholarships and needs-based bursaries that will give them A Second Chance to Make a Difference in their lives and in our community. Your generosity will provide opportunities that would not be possible without your support.    

The funds received on the day will contribute to scholarships and bursaries for future students. Stuartholme School Scholarship Fund is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient under the Income Tax Assessment Act of 1997 (The Act). Donations to the fund of more than $2 are tax-deductible.